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MONO GREEN modern indie folk, calm jazz beats and catchy pop melodies

Mittwoch, 29. November 2023 @ 20:002:00

Mono Green is the solo project of Fabian Ristau. The German artist stays true to his style: modern indie folk, calm jazz beats & catchy pop

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Mono Green, two words, combined almost like a first and last name, perfectly representing the artist behind it. A single person, a solo project, a centered vision of musician Fabian Ristau. Green is a vibrant color, the essence of life and not only because of its healing effect on our psyche the color in which we feel unfiltered as a human being. A therapy for the collective. This, according to the musician, is the purpose of music in both good and bad times. A helping hand without reservations.

In 2015, the German indie folk artist was drawn to Berlin. From day one, he soaked up the energy of the city and transformed it into sounds, beats and melodies. Since his early childhood he started to write down his own music and ideas. Here he can finally live them out. His clear voice is an ambivalent mixture of melancholy and the promise of a better future, the sound often a fine line between hope and sorrow. He takes the traditional, nature-oriented side of folk and combines it with the vibe of the lively city, as well as his jazz origins. The result is his very own, new interpretation of the genre – modern folk in Berlin Mitte style, mixed with jazz and pop elements. Versatile, diverse and courageous. This gives his music its very own character, in which the naturalness of folk, the calmness of jazz and the catchiness of pop blend together wonderfully.

Mono Green has always had an urge to tackle topics that are big, maybe too big for us. It’s his own personal way of reminding himself, in moments of uncertainty, discomfort and feelings of powerlessness, that most problems are often somehow quite trivial when put in relation to the world and nature. Especially during the last years, in the state of absolute stillness and collective helplessness, his music helped

to pick himself up again. New melodies, lyrics and songs emerged. His journey continued. In September 2020, the EP „Not The End“ was released, followed by the EP „Pieces“ (2021) which at that time still appeared under the artist name „Monoply“.

Now it’s time for a new chapter. Going forward, he decides to perform under a new name. The kick-off for Mono Green are new songs, a new label and a bigger band, sound and bigger ideas. His closeness to nature and his authenticity continue to be the center of the new songs that will be part of his next EP, scheduled for September 2022. They are personal, touching and full of turns – without losing direction. An unpretentious look into the future and at the same time a commitment to Mono Green’s jazzy past. His vocals are intimate and near, at the same time the music travels in spaces that make the longing for wanderlust, nature and adventure ever greater. „The songs are an expression of my strong need for more closeness and togetherness,“ Fabian says about his music. „If there is a feeling that is strong enough to connect people, then it is hope. I for my part, would like to believe in it, anyway.“


Mittwoch, 29. November 2023
20:00 – 2:00


Bar BoBu


Bar Bobu | Berlin | Friedrichshain | Bar | Restaurant | Club | Live Music
Müggelstraße 9
Berlin, BE 10247 Germany
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